Customisable Cone Mounted Roadworks Signs

Simply Clip Into Place

Our unique cone mounted roadworks signs couldn’t be easier to install. Slotting into the top of the cone like a paperclip, they lock firmly in place, able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Completely customisable, we can create signage to display your own messages as well as national highway code compliant road signs.

Capable of being installed atop traffic cones, our traffic signs are a versatile solution able to be used on all job sites.

Designed to minimise damage as the result of a collision, all cone signs are made entirely of PVC.

Lightweight and versatile, EHS cone clip signs are designed to improve road safety by reinforcing warnings and directional signage in conjunction with the traditional.

Product Benefits

Available in both white and yellow

Customisable messages and icons

Simply clip into place

Product Specs

Our cone signs uphold all modern compliances. For full details, download our product brochure.