Ultra Durable Road Traffic Cones

The Revolution in Road Safety

Our Revo traffic cones are made from flexible PVC plastic to ensure maximum durability and visibility, designed to be at their best in even the toughest environments. Unlike other cones, which can break apart at high impacts or under heavy weight, our cone range is designed to spring back into its original shape.

By absorbing the force and collapsing upon impact, they minimise the possibility of causing additional damage, improving road safety when compared to other traffic cones. Due to their ultra-durable nature, our Revo cones with save you money.

Product Benefits

Base made from recycled PVC in order to minimise environmental impact.

Ultra durable and adaptable to even the coldest of environments.

Being easily stackable saves both space and time

Eco-friendly traffic cone body made from 100% recyclable materials

Capable of resisting extremely heavy and forceful impacts

Fluorescent colouring for maximum visibility from any angle.

Compliances for BSEN 13422:2004+A1:2009:

Category B
Class S1
Chromaticity co-ordinates and luminance factors for daytime appearance Compliant
Coefficient of retroreflection ‘R’  for night time appearance Compliant
Coefficient of retroreflection ‘R’ in wet conditions Compliant
Stability of traffic cones Compliant
Drop resistance of traffic cones Compliant
Adhesion of retroreflective surfaces Compliant  
Resistance to damage at low temperature Compliant
Continuity of retroreflective surfaces Compliant

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